My Name is Ricky Dorn and my wife’s name is Tori. We have been married for about 1.5 years. We met on a missions trip to Kenya, Africa. A few things we like to do together is go on adventures to Disneyland, the beach, mountains, and sometimes the desert (That’s more of Tori’s thing). We love to eat good food and find cool coffee shops. Traveling around the world is another thing we enjoy and wish we could do it more often! Hopefully, sometime this year we will get to go to Maui! Going somewhere with a ton of tropical plants is one of the big reasons we would love to go to the Hawaiian islands.

My first plant was my rubber tree plant, Bailey, who I later named Jenny. If you scroll down to my very first image on Instagram you will see that she’s the one that started it all. The funny thing is, I started @blackplanted as a joke. I was going to post a different photo of Jenny every day. But then I ended up getting Barry, my fiddle, and then Lt. Dan (another rubber plant) and the next thing I know, I have 45 plants and a couple thousand followers. (Mind Blown!)